Bramley Frisky


Date of Birth
March 28, 2006
Date of Death
Janaury 2011
Cause of Death
Known For
Frascati's last son in Frisky

Bramely(VFM127) was born on February 28, 2006 in the Frisky Mob. His mother was Frascati, the dominant female, and his father was the dominant male Gazebo. His litter-mates were Dusty(VFF1??), Wilfred(VFM1??), Toadflax(VFM1??) and Apple(VFF131). They were Frascati's last litter ever. His mother died in Janaury 2007 from disease, Bramley was only elevan months old at the time. His older sister Bootle took over as dominant female beside Gazebo. Brambley survived to adulthood and started babysitting and take sentry for the Frisky. In October 2007 Bramely's older brother Clinton Baptiste and Fable left the group and joined the Rascals. Clinton Baptiste later joined two female and formed the Kung Fu. When Bramley was around two years old he started to rove at other groups. He roved mostly at the Drie Doring, the Frisky's main rivals. In October 2008 Bramley was reported to have roved fourteen times with that month. He visited the Drie Doring where he mated with the dominant female Mist, she last gave birth to two pups. Apple, Bunty and Hazel left the group soon after. By then Bramley was the oldest subordinate male within the group and Fascati's last son. He was also the last of his litter in the group. Soon his nephews started to rove along with him. In early 2009 he went roving along with  his young half brother Allegro, Spiderpig and Black Jack, the rover visisted the Drie Doring again and mated with some of the females. In late 2009 Bramley and Spiderpig visited the Drie Doring again, the dominant female mist gave birth to a litter three months later, Bramley may have been the father. Later Bramley, Black Jack, Zoltan and Phoenix at the Drie Doring again. Bramley and became the main rovers from the Frisky and were often seen at the Drie Doring. Sadly his mother Bootle died in February 2010 and her daughter, as well as Bramley's haft sister, Quaver took over dominance. Gazebo started to rove along with Bramley since he could not breed with his daughter. The Frisky began to lose members due to disease. Bramley went roving for the last time in late 2010 at the Drie Doring where he mated with Mist. Bramley was four years old, almost five, when he died in Janaury 2011 from disease.


Frisky Mob

Frascati Frisky

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