Boris(VNEF039) was born in March 2012 in the Nequoia Mob. Her mother was not the dominant but a subordinante female named Gaia and her father was an unknown rover. Boris was born in a litter of four with three litter-mate sisters named Izta(VNEF037), Yoltzin(VNEF038) and Cai(VNEF040). The dominant female Kaluha had no pups of her own at the time so she allowed Gaia to keep her litter. The next month the dominant male Pantxo died from disease along with a subordinante female named Kikka. The Nequoia was a good size group, however disease slowly spread through the mob. Boris and her sister suvrived their first few months free of disease. In July 2012 two Aztecs males joined the group while the Nequoia males were away roving, including the dominant male Puggle. Even with the new males, the Nequoia began to strink dramaticly. In October 2012, Boris was evicted for the first time even though she was only seven months old, along with most of the other females including Yoltzin. This was the last time Boris was seen. She and her sister Yoltzin disappared and were considered Last Seen.


Nequoia Mob

Gaia Nequoia

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