Durrel Wildlife Conservation

Mark Irchel


was born on June 30, 2008 in the Durrel Wildlifte Conservation Trust on Jersey Island, United Kingdom. His parents were the same as his two older brother Richard(ZIM002) and Dom(ZIM003). He survived to the age of two.


In ealry 2011 it was decided he was taked long with Richard and Dom to the Zurich to form a new mob with a female meerkat named Bela(ZIF001). On Febuary 11, 2011 the males arrived at their new home and they wer eintroduced to the female through a screen. The new mob was called the Irchel Mob. On Feuary 15, the barrier between the male meerkats was taken down so they could interact with Bela. She at first mated with Mark whom had showed the most interest in her. However she soon mated with Richard and Dom. Since Mark was the youngest of the males, he was less likely to take dominance beside Bela. Richard became the dominant male. At little later Mark was renamed Bonako. Bela was renamed Mohumagadi. His two brothers Richard was renamed Kgosi and Dom was renamed Baka. Banoko could be identifide by his light eye browns and he became the most relaxed around humans amoung the males. He always was the most active and adventurous often seen exploring the enclosure and showing interest in what the humans were doing. Mohumagadi soon gave birth and Banoko may be the father being the first male to have mated with her. Bonako is still in the Irchel Mob today.


Irchel Mob

Bela Irchel

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