Boetie Drie Doring
Drie Doring
Date of Birth
March 25, 2009.
Date of Death
March 2011
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Utopia, Uranus y Sebeto
Known For
Subordinate male in Drie Doring
Also Known As
No information

Boetie (VDM136) was born on March 25, 2009. His mother is Mist. Boetie was born with one litter-mate sister, Utopia and two brothers Uranus,Sebeto. The litter of four spent their first part of life undegtround. Once Boetie was about two-three weeks old he and his four siblings surfaced from the burrow and saw daylight. His mother Mist is the dominant female of the mob they were born in known as the Drie Doring. Boetie, Uranus,Sebeto and Utopia could not go foraging with the adults at first and spent their next couple of weeks at the burrow being cared for the babysitters. Boetie reached four-five weeks and and started to forage with the group. Both and he and his three litter-mates were fed by the adults. By May Boetie is still alive though he and his three litter-mates were still the only pups in the group. In June 2009 Boetie is three months old and three males(Finn MacCool,Buddah and Thor) left the group to go roving. Boetie was still too young to think about roving and by then he and his three siblings were still being cared for. By January of 2010 Boetie and his litter brothers and one sister were ten months old when their mother Mist is pregnant. By February Boetie is eleven months old and is a juvenile. Mist gave birth to her next litter on February 20-22,2010 to VDP143, VDP144, VDP145 and VDP146. Boetie is still only eleven months old so he and his litter-mates Uranus, Sebeto and Utopia took no part in lokking after the new pups. The litter of four surfaced after two-three weeks and were reared at the burrow. Boetie and his siblings spent much of their time playfighting as juveniles. BY April Boetie is one year and month old and is an adult, taking care of the new pups including babysitting. The new litter of four were still alive by April 2010 and the only pups in the group. By June 2010 Boetie and his brother Uranus started to go roving. They were joined by another Drie Doring male named Falco and probably roved at Frisky mob.

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