Big Pimpin'

Big Pimpin in 2012

Big Pimpin'
(VWM166) was born on Janaury 17, 2011 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Ella the dominant female and his father was Thundercat. He was born in a large litter of five pups, his litter-mates were his one sister named Rith The Awakener(VWF164) and brothers named Darigaaz The Igniter(VWM162), Crosis The Purger(VWM163) and Dromar The Banisher(VWM165). All five pups survived their first few weeks and started forgaing with the adults. The Whiskers were a good size mob that had many adults to look after the pups. In April when Big Pimpin' was three months old, his mother Ella gave birth to another litter. In June however Ella lost dominance and Big Pimpin's older sister Enili rose to dominance. Life didn't change much for Crosis till he reach his first birthday. Sadly his brother Dromar The Banisher was hit by a car on the main road along with his brothers Mimaji and Mr. Shankly. Big Pimpin' didn't take to roving right away. His brother Crosis was the first of the litter to start roving in July 2012. Big Pimpin' went roving for the first time in October 2012. However his two remaining brothers Crosis and Darigaaz continued to rove more and and both disappared in late 2012 leaving Big Pimpin' as the last of his litter still in the Whiskers. He didn't go roving for the next three months, until February when he went roving with an older brother named Ernesto. The two males were absent from the mob at the end of the month. Big Pimpin' failed to return and was considered Last Seen only with Ernesto in February 2013.


Whiskers Mob

Dromar The Banisher Whiskers

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