Bettik Elveera

Bettik Elveera(VEF022)

Formerly of the Zappa
Date of Birth
September 16, 1998
Date of Death
September 15, 2005
Cause of Death
Raul and VEF021
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Zappa
Also Known As
Adopting a pup from another mob


Bettik(VEF022) was born in the Elveera mob in September 15, 1998. Her mother was Tenuvial and her father was Silks. She had two litter-mates, one brother Raul(VEM020) and and one sister VEF021. Bettik and Raul survived but VEF021 sadly died. Tenuvial was predated on April 19, 2001. Soon after Silks disappeared. As Bettik was not old enough, Eleusine assumed the role of dominant female. Bettik mated with a rover named Mad Max and gave birth on January 16, 2000, to Elf, Goblin, Imp, Nereid and Sprite. The subordinate litter survived and reach adulthood. Bettik stayed in Elveera for another year until 2001 when she was evicted along with her daughter Elf. The two evicted females dispersed and were joined by some Drie Doring rovers to form their own mob.


The new group was called the Zappa Mob. Bettik claimed dominance with Mack and overtime Zappa grew large. One of her daughters named Megan gave birth to Lola, Pimms, Skol and Punk. Bettik's daughters formed the Jackals Mob, one of them was Bettik's eldest daughter named Brandy, from her first litter in the Zappa. Soon disease hit the group, Mack died on November 15, 2004. Then a Young Ones male named Glufs joined the Zappa and established himself as the new dominant male. He only fathered one litter with Bettik. She gave birth to Aristotle and VZZF046 on August 17, 2005. Bettik died from disease on September 16, 2005, followed by VZZF046. Bettik had been the Zappa's dominant fenale for almost four years. Her daughter Ermintrude established dominance but soon died as well. Bettik's grand-daughter Lola took dominance. Bettik's son Dougal became the dominant male after Glufs had died.
VEF022 Bettik Dec03

Bettik in the Zappa


Mother: Tenuvial

Father: Silks

Sister: VEF021

Brother: Raul

Mates: Mad Max, Mack and Glufs

Famous Children

Sprite (VEM037) former dominant male of the Young Ones

Elf (VEF034) helped form the Zappa.

Dr. Kimble (VZZM017) adopted by Elveera and formed the Nomads.

Megan (VZZF019) Lola and Punk's mother

Dougal (VZZM025) natal-dominant male of the Zappa

Ermintrude (VZZF027) dominant female of the Zappa after Bettik

Aristotle (VZZM045) the only surviving pup with Glufs.


Elveera Mob

Zappa Mob

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