Bernard with Lazuli pup

was born in the Lazuli group on April 24, 2006. His mother was HP and his father was a roving male from another group. Bernard was born in a large litter of seven pups, his litter-mates were Caroline(VLF123), Teaser(VLM122), Shaka Zulu(VLM124), Flax(VLF118), Landie(VLF121) and Lallie(VLF120). The dominant female was Cazanna, who had no pups of her own at the time after the lost of her mate. The Lazuli were losing members after several evicted females and roving males had disappeared so the pups boosted the Lazuli's low numbers. Sadly Cazanna died in 2006 and her eldest daughter Aretha took over as the new dominant female. Flax died in May 2007, a few months later in September Lallie and Teaser were killed and then November Landie was killed. Bernard and his brother Shaka Zulu and sister Caroline were the last of their litter still in the Lazuli. Bernard and his brother started to take to roving while Caronline started to attract rovers. She and Aretah gave birth to a mix litter in March 2008 but all the pups were sadly lost within the following months. Then in May Aretha died leaving Young as the new dominant female. In June five Lazuli males icluding Bernard and his brother Shaka Zulu went roving, they visited the Nutters. While they were away five Whisker rovers joined the Lazuli replacing the roving males. Unable to rejoin their group, the five Lazuli males met up with five wild females and formed their own.


The new group called Hoppla and establisted a small territboru near the Lazuli. Bernard and Shaka Zulu were the second oldest of the males however the oldest of the males J. Alfred Prufrock established himself as the dominant maleover the other males. Shaka Zulu went roving and disappeared leaving Bernard as the next oldest subordinate male under J. Alfred Prufrock. Bernard settled into the life of a subordinate male, helping with sentry and babysitting the pups, as well as taking to roving from time to time. All the founding females had disappeared or died and two new females joined the group. Two litter of pups were born but then the group was hit with disease in 2009. In July 2009 All members were Last Seen because of the signs of TB and habituation did not progress. Bernard may have left the group or might have died of TB. He was Last Seen on July 27, 2009.


Lazuli Mob

Hoppla Mob

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