VVM140) was born on March 18, 2007 in the Vivian mob. His mother was probably Rhian and his father was Jim Bob. Beowulf was born in the last litter to Rhian and Jim Bob. By the time Beowulf was born, disease was already attcking the Vivian. Sadly his father died in April 2007 a month after Beowulf's birth. His older brother Tonker assumed male dominance till two wil males joined the group. The wild males soon disappeared in the later stages of TB. Tonker re-established dominance. Beowolf killed by disease on Septmber 26, 2007 and not long after the Vivian in late 2007 shortly after the death of his mother Rhian. Beowulf was born in the last litter in the Vivian.


Vivian Mob

Rhian Vivian

Jim Bob Young Ones

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