Benzedrine Commandos

Benzedrine Kung Fu

Formerly of the Sequoia
Date of Birth
January 30, 2005
Date of Death
March 26, 2013
Cause of Death
Found Dead
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Sequoia


Benzedrine(VCDF002) was born on January 30, 2005 in the Commandos mob. Her mother was Zorilla and her father was Aragorn. She was born in the first litter of the Commandos. Her litter-mates were Ketamine(VCDM001) and Ethylene(VCDF003). Her parents were the dominant pair of the Commandos. Benzedrine and her siblings survived their first two years. Zorilla often evicted her sisters and soon only one female, Benzedrine's aunt Kleintjie. Her uncles all left the group by 2006. After the dominant male Aragorn died in April 2007, Ketamine became the natal dominant male beside their mother. Then five Whiskers males joined the group kicking out all adult males including Ketamine. Later, Benzendrine and her aunt Kleintjie were evicted from the group by Zorilla when she got pregnant.

Kung Fu

Benzedrine April2008

Benzedrine and her litter VKU0802

Benzedrine and Kleintjie teamed up with one Frisky male named Clinton Baptiste, two Whiskers males Ningaloo and Wollow and two wild males, one named Tumbo to form a group called Kung Fu. Kleintjie took dominant beside Clinton Baptiste but Benzedrine gave birth to the first surviving litter of 6 pups of which two are killed. Her pups were VKUM002, VKUP003, Eliot, McDreamy, Bauer, VKUP007 and Woolf. McDreamy would later be the dominant female of the Ewoks fromed in 2010. Then in April 2008 Tumbo and Clinton Baptiste disappeared and Ningaloo took dominance. In July 2008 Benzedrine was evicted by her aunt.



Benzedrine and another Sequioa meerkat

Benzedrine soon teams up with Finn the ex-dominant female of the Toyota and the two wild subrodinate males from the Toyota Van Der Wethuizen and Bracken to formed Sequoia. Benzedrine was older so she established dominance over the small group of four. The two Toyota males never established a clear dominance and soon left the group after a month. Benzedrine gave birth to three pups Baby Bear, VSQF003 and VSQM004 on September 16, 2008. All three pups survived despite the fact that there were only two adults females in the group with no males. Finn soon got pregnant but the Sequoia was suspended in the month of November however the following month, four males joined the group and the Sequoia was followed again. Finn gave birth to six pups on December 12, 2008. One of the new males Bruce of unknown background established himself as the dominant male beside Benzedrine. The other males were Sid Vicious, a wild male VSQM001 and Van Der Wethuizen of the Toyota however VSQM001 and Van Der Wethuized would later leave the group again. The Sequoia established well and all the pups from the first two litters survived however in Janaury 2009 the group experienced a split, Finn, Sid Vicious, VSQF003, VSQM004, VSQP006 and VSQP010 from the main group and disappeared, leaving Benzedrine with Bruce, Van De Westhuizen, Baby Bear, Ru, Mungallchops, Laurence and Nik Nak. The lost group was founded again and named the Pretenders. Van De Westhuizen left shortly after and Baby Bear died in August 2009. The Sequoia was left with only six members. On September 18, 2010 Benzedrine gave birth to Ricou, Tina, Candy Flip and Yabou. All four pups survived to adulthood. Then on December 8, 2009 she gave birth to Lord Stanley, Hab, Leaf and VSQP016, sadly VSQP016 disappared and was thought to have been predated. The Sequioa moved near the Aztecs and became thier new rivals. Her sons started to rove there. By this time Benzedrine was the last surviving Commando born meerkat alive in the Kalahari Meerkat Project. The Geckos and Commandos had been lost in late 2009. Benzedrine's Sequoia was doing well by early 2010 and she soon became pregnant again. On March 2, 2010 she gave birth to Wee Radge, VSQF020, VSQF021, Staculius and Todger. Sadly both VSQF020 and VSQF021 were predated the following month. In September Benzedrine gave birth to VSQP024, VSQP025, Dutch and Miller but sadly her pups VSQP025 died and VSQP024 was killed by the Baobab in October. Benzedrine lost her next litter but soon got pregnant again. She gave birth to Fat Jesus, VSQM029, VSQM030, Poepholita and Toto in Janaury 2011. The pups survived thrie first three months but sadly VSQM029 was predated and VSQM030 died in March. By then the Sequoia had reach around twenthy members and was able to hold a large territory, more pups were surviving and the first few litters had reach adulthood. In August 2011 Benzedrine gave birth to Kodiak, VSQM034, Talkeenta and Kenia. She quickly got pregnant agai but lost her litter. In November 2011 the Sequoia experienced another splint but most of the splinter group rejoined the Sequoia except for Nik Nak, Wee Radge, Fat Jesue and Poepholita who later formed the Hooligans in April 2012. The group split again in May 2012, giving rise to the Überkatz Mob, lead
VCDF002 Benzedrine


by Tina and Bruce leaving Benzedrine was left with only six meerkats and no breeding partner. The splinter group made no attempt to rejoin the Sequoia and the two groups started to have many violent encounters. In June 2012, Benzedrine disappeared after being badly beaten by the Überkatz leaving RU as the new dominant female of the Sequoia in her place following Benzedrine's four year reign. However Benzedrine reurned to the group to discover that two Aztce males named Dali and Chaka had join the Seqioua. A month later, Bruce rejoined the group along with most of the other males and Hab. The two and Aztecs males were chased away and Bruce re-esablished himself as the dominant male but Benzedrine didn't take dominance back from RU. In August, RU was showing signs of being pregnent but surprisingly, Benzedrine remained submissive and RU allowed her to stay in the group. When RU's pups arived, Benzidrine willingly helped out with feeding and babysitting. She no attempt to oust RU as her recent injuries were probably still healing. In October 2012 Benzedrine went roving like a male meerkat but rejoined the group at the end of the month. Benzedrine remained in the Sequoia and avoided eviction, being only one of two subordinate adult females. In March Benzedrine went missing for a few days and was looking ill. Sadly on March 26, 2013 Benzedrine was founded dead in late morning. She could have died of old age or starvation, but it looked as if she had succumbed to a snake bite. Today, some of Benzidrine's youngest offspring still live in Sequoia and Uberkatz. Her eldest daughter, Tina still leads Uberkatz. .


Commandos Mob

Kung Fu Mob

Sequoia Mob

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