Benwyn(VGGM033) was born on April 16, 2006 in the Gattaca Mob. His mother was a subordinate female named Brufola and his father was an unknown rover, perphase from the nearby Vivian or Balrog. He was born in a litter of three with one sister named Scary Mary(VGGF031) and one brother named Oujamaflip(VGGM032). Benwyn's mother was not the dominant female but his grandmother Risca. She was not very producive and had no pups of her own at the time of Benwyn's birth so she allowed Brufola to keep her pups, raising the Gattaca's already low numbers. In July 2006, the dominant male and Benwyn's grnadfather Izit succumbed to TB. This was one of the first of many deaths to this disease in the Gattaca. In late 2006 a group of Vivian males joined the Gattaca and Risca started to evicted her eldest daughter including Brufola. Sadly Brufola and her older half sister Gringo disappeared in Dceember 2006. In February 2007 sadly Benywn lost his sister Scary Mary to TB. In April, Benywn went roving at a year of age with some of the Vivian males and disappared along with a Gattaca female named Amelie. His brother Oujamaflip probably died of TB when the Gattaca was lost in August 2007. Since Benwyn left the group th may have not contracted TB and escaped the disease. However his fate remains unknown.


Gattaca Mob

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