Benno as a pup

(VCDM035) was born into the Commandos Mob in November 2007. His litter-mates were Yara(VCDF036), Sera(VCDF038) and Cody(VCDM037). His father was Jogu and his mother was Zorilla. His father was a rover from the Whiskers. Before he was born five Whiskers males had emigrated into the group, where Zarathustra took male dominance next to his mother. Jogu did not join the Commandos with the five males. He returned to the Whiskers before he disappeared while roving. His mother Zorilla died leaving his half sister Celidh as the new domiant male. Four of the Whiskers males died leaving Panthro as the dominant male next to Celidh. He and his siblings made it to adulthood but Cody died of disease in January 2009. The Commandos moved out of the monitored area and could no longer be tracked. It is unknown what happened to him and his siblings.

Meerkat Manor

Benno was feactured on Meerkat Manor: The Next Generstion. He played an unknwon pups in the Commandos. He was the step son of Zorro(Zaratustra) and the new Commandos troopers. Nikita(Zorilla) and mated with a Whiskers rover named Seacrest(Jogu). Burdock played Seacrest joining the Aztecs however. Miles and Baker played themselves while Panthro played Dizzy. Karim played Duke who mated with Kleintjie who played Rosie.


Mother: Zorilla
Zorilla and Benno

Zorilla and young Benno

Father: Jogu

Sisters: Yara and Sera

Brother: Cody

Gandmothers: Baddiel and Risca

Grandfathers: JD and Izit


Commandos Mob

Zorilla Gattaca

Jogu Whiskers

Yara Commandos

Sera Commandos

Cody Commandos

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