Bengel Balrog


was First Seen on July 2005 joining the Balrog Mob. He had been born in a wild mob, his parents were probably the dominant pair, or a suborinate female who mated with a rover. His litter-mates were unknown and his exact age. At some point when he was an adult, he left his mob to go roving along with three other males. Bengel joined the Balrog group along with three other males named Chino, Lause and VBM059. The males kicked over the previous dominant male Stinker who had joined the group five days before. Chino established dominace over the other males. Soon VBM029 died from disease a month later in August. The wild males had brought TB mostlylike from her own former group. Bengel started to show signs of disease along with several of the other Balrog members including Lause. The wild males wouldn't allow the researchers to get close so Bengel could not be euthanised to prevent the spreading of the disease. Bengel soon disappeared on December 17, 2005 heavily infected with TB. His body was never found but being in the later states of TB, it was assumed he had died.


Balrog Mob

Chino Balrog

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