Belgarion Lazuli

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Wild and Lazuli Mob
Formerly of the Lazuli
Date of Birth
First Seen: November 16, 1995
Date of Death
June 25, 2001
Cause of Death
Known For
Cazanna's father
Also Known As
First Dominant Male of the Lazuli


Belgarion(VLM001) was a wild meerkat from an unknown group. His mother was either the dominant female or a subordinate female and his father was either the dominant male or a rover from another group. His litter-mates are unknown. Sometime in 1995 he left his mob to rove and met updates with two Avatar females named Zizphus and Lazuli.


Belgarion and Zizphus

Belgarion and Ziziphus

The small group was collared and followed with the name of the Lazuli Mob. Belgarion assumed the role of dominant male and became the first time dominant male of the Lazuli which was formed in 1995. The female named Lazuli became the dominant female but was imediatly overthrown by her sister Zizphius who established female dominance. Belgarion and Zizphus started to produce litter after litter.

They became the long-term dominant pair of the Lazuli. Zizuphus died from disease on December 28, 2000 and his daughter Haslam became the next dominant female. Without a breeding partner Belgarion started to rove at other groups but remained the dominant male of the Lazuli. Belgarion remained in the Lazuli for around six years before he succumed to disease on June 25, 2001.

Belgarion had many successful litters with Zizphus which contained many famous children, some being Argon, Delpheus, Grumpy, Cazanna, Sleepy and so forth. His daughter Cazanna became the long-term dominant female after Haslam. Belgarion's blood-lines lives on in many of the mobs today including the Lazuli itself, the Whiskers, Drie Doring, and JaXX.

Meerkat Madness

Belgarion was seen as the dominant male on the Lazuli in a thirty minute long show called Meerkat Madness: Walking with Meerkats. He and his mate Zizphus led the Lazuli and were the main focus of the show along with the seven pups. The group encountered another mob, not given a name. He was seen on sentry and helped care for his pups.


Lazuli Mob

Ziziphus Avatar

Lazuli Avatar

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