Beetlejuice(VBBM072) was born in January 27, 2011, into the Baobab Mob. His mother was Cruise and his father was most likely Al Capone. Beetlejuice was born into a huge litter of seven. His six siblings included Hear No Evil(VBBM066), See No Evil(VBBM067), Speak No Evil(VBBM068), Amarula(VBBF069), Gizmo(VBBM070) and Skat Kat(VBBM071). The entire litter survived. In June, 2011, at only 5 months of age, Hear No Evil went roving along with other Baobab males. Then later in August, Gizmo went roving, even though he too had not yet reached maturity. In October, 2011, Hear No Evil went roving again while See No Evil, Speak no Evil and Beetlejuice, along with other memebers of the group, were absent. Luckily, the three siblings reappeared later on. In November 2011, the only female of the litter, Amarula, was evicted from the group, but eventually rejoined. By this time, Beetlejuice's entire litter had made it to adulthood. In March, 2012, the Baobab split up. Beetlejuice's brother Skat Kat was splintered from the rst of the litter and was absent at the end of the month. However, Skat Kat and the rest of the separated meerkats returned in April 2012. In July 2012, a huge group of Baobab males went roving. Beetlejuice, Hear No Evil, Skat Kat and Speak No Evil were amongst them. Beetlejuice took to roving and was Last Seen in April 2013


Baobab Mob

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