Beebop Elveera
Formerly of the PK
Date of Birth
January 3, 2007
Date of Death
February 2009
Cause of Death
Lambert and unknown
Machu Pichu
VPKP003, VPKP004, VPKP005 ad VPK006
Known For
Rocksteady's sister
Also Known As
Dominant Female of the PK


Beebop(VEF124) was born into the Elveera Mob in January 3, 2007. Her mother was not Jo Jo Hello, the dominate female, but a subordinate female named Lambert and her father was an unknown rover. She had one litter-mate brother named Rocksteady(VEM125). Jo Jo Hello had no pups of her own at the time so she allowed Lambert to keep her pups. Despite being the pups of a subordinate female, the twins survived to adulthood. Beebop started to hepl out with the pups while Rocksteady started to take to roving with the other males in the Elveera. Lembert was eventually evicted by Jo Jo Hello and disappeared March 2008. Beebop continued to live her life as a subordinate female in the Elveera group. Then, in July 2008, Beebop was evicted by Jo Jo Hello when she was pregant. After trailing the group for a while, Beebop accepted the fact that Jo Jo Hello was not going to allow her to return. That same month, Beebop dissapeared and would remain so for the next four months.


In November of 2008, Beebop reappeared with two Whiskers males, a wild male, two sub-adults. The group was followed and called the PK or referred to as Beebop's Group by the researchers, since they really didn't have a group name. Rhogan Josh and Machu Pichu, the former dominant male of the Lazuli, had been hanging around in the area and Rhogan Josh even had a radio collar. With a collared individual in the group, the PK were then tracked. Beebop was the only female in the group that was old enough and experianced enough to become the dominant female so there was no question to her dominance. Machu Pichu established dominance over the group. One of the sub-adults was seen with very faint dye marks but identitiy juvenilles couldn't be determine. Beepop gave birth to four pups soon after. However, shortly after establishing a dominant couple, the PK split. Beebop, VPKM001 and two of their pups split from Machu Pichu, Rhogan Josh, the two sub-adults and two of the pups. Machu Pichu's half of the group was still followed since he had a radio collar but the others, including Beebop, simply dissapeared. Rhogan Josh started to rove at the Elveera, and the group was no longer followed since there was no dominant female. The last remianing members disappeared but Rhogan Josh kept reappearing from time to time as a rover at other groups. Beebop was found dead in February 2009. Rhogan Josh, the last known member, was classified as a Chuckle Bros meerkat and the group was lost.


Elveera Mob

PK Mob

Machu Pichu Whiskers

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