Kung Fu



was born on November 8, 2008 in the Kung Fu Mob. Her mother was Kleintjie and her father was Ningaloo, the dominant couple of the group. Her littermates were Princessco(VKUF013), Maroon(VKUM014), Beej(VKUM016), Pilko(VKUF015), Oiley Doyley(VKUM018) and Littl'un(VKUF019). The litter of seven survived to adulthood. Bean babysat her mother's pups and took sentry duties. Kleintjie often evicted the eldest females from the group, including Bean. In June 2010, Bean, Pilko and McDreamy went roving at the Aztecs. Perhaps they were searching for males to mate with seeing as there had not been many rovers around their group at the time. Bean and Pilko returned to the group. McDreamy later left in late 2010 and formed Ewoks. along with Princessco. Her mother gave birth to another litter and, as always, Bean loyally helped raise the litter. Bean mated with a rover in early 2011 and fell pregnant. However, she aborted her litter along with her mother after she was evicted by Kleintjie. Bean's brothers frequently went roving and her sisters started famating with rovers. In April, 2011, Beej sadly died. Bean was absent at the end of July, 2011 with several other members. Sadly her brother Maroon was hit by a car while roving along with Iceman and Stumpy. Bean sadly died in November, 2011.

Meerkats 3D

Bean helped to play as a female on a new meerkat documentary called Meerkats 3D also known as Clan of Meerkats. Her mother Kleintjie played the clan's dominant female Clinky while her father Ningaloo played as the group's unnamed dominate male. Her sister Pilko, Littl'un and Wales all helped to play Mrs. Bean. She was seen babysitting her mother's litter with her brother Harry played by Maroon, one of the seens she was played by Little'un. When Ms. Bean became pregnant, she was played by Bean's two pregnant sisters Wales and Littl'um however the females were evicted and lost their litters. 


Mother: Kleintjie

Father: Ningaloo

Sisters: Pilko, Princessco and Littl'un

Brothers: Beej, Oiley Doyley and Maroon


Kung Fu Mob

Kleintjie Gattaca

Ningaloo Whiskers

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