Meerkats Divided - Bandit the Rover


Bandit was a wild meerkat from South Africa's Addo National Park. He was featured in the 1995 documentary Meerkats Divided.

Meerkats Divided

In the documentary, Bandit was seen as a roving male. Upon his first appearance, the Addo gang chased him down a burrow. He fiercely defended the entrance and was soon left in peace. When he returned later on he lured the dominant female Browneyes away from the group. It took a lot of persuasion, but Browneyes eventually allowed Bandit to mate with her. After that it was said that the rover often visited the Addo and several other meerkat groups, year after year. Given how long ago this was filmed, it is very unlikely that Bandit is still alive today.


Browneyes Addo

Meerkats Divided

Enkozi Addo

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