Bamboozle (VTYF024) was born on September 17, 2009 in the Toyota. Her mother is Miss Lily The Pink and her father was Greegan the dominant male. Bamboozle was born with three litter-mates Hoodwink(VTYF022), VTYM023 and Otmar deBunwich(VYTM024). The pups survived their first months but sadly VTYM023 was predated in February 2010. Bamboozle remaining litter survived through their first year without much difficultly. Bamboozle started to babysit and be evicted by her mother the dominant female. In Septemer 2010 Bamboozle lost her litter to her mother. In December 2010, Greegan died from disease and Otmar deBunwich disappeared after roving. In February 2011, Bamboozle went roving, rare behaveoure for female meerkats. In April 2011 both Bamboozle and her sister Hoodwink were pregnant but both lost their litters. Then in May mother died in May and her litter-mate sister Hoodwink took dominance without miuch competition form Bamboozle. Bamboozle later died in October 2011 from diseased along with Hoodwink.


Toyota Mob

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