Balboa and Sober Ana play fighting

Balboa and Sober Ana playing fighting

Balboa(VGGM40) was born on the 26th January 2007. His mother was Risca the dominant female of the Gattaca, but his father was not the dominant male Daffyd. Risca mated with a Vivian rover named Hannibal who was the real father of Balboa. Balboa's litter-mates were Sober Ana(VGGF041), Atlas(VGGM039) and Panama(VGGF042). Hannibal stayed in the gorup for a whiel then left to rove with two of his brothers. Sadly Balboa and his litter-mates were lost as juveniles. Balboa disappeared on July 10, 2007, it was presumed that he had been predated.Atlas disappeared on March 21, 2007 and Panama disappeared March 15, 2007. Sober Ana died in August 2007 along with the rest of the Gattaca from disease right after her mother Risca, the dominant female, who was nearly nine years old, died from predation in August 2007. They were the last litter born in the Gattaca.


Mother: Risca

Father: Hannibal

Brother: Atlas

Sister: Sober Ana and Panama

Grandmothers: Brambles and Rhian 

Grandfathers: Argon and Jim Bob

Great Grandmothers: Ziziphus and Morgause

Great Grandfathers: Belgarion and Keros


Gattaca Mob

Risca Whiskers

Hannibal Vivian

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