Badger in 2012

(VVHM048) was born in February 2011 into the Van Helsing Mob. His mother was Billy Whiskers and his father was Titan Van Helsing. Badger was born into a litter of four. The litter included one sister, Rose(VVHF047), and two brothers, VVHM046 and Hercule(VVHM045). Sadly, VVHM046 was assumed predated in April 2011. Later, in August 2011, Badger's remaining two siblings, along with several other members, were absent from the group. However, they all reappeared the next month. In October, 2011, there was a mass eviction of Van Helsing females. Badger's sister, Rose, was among the victims, in spite being only 7 months old. Lucikly, she was allowed to return. Badger's litter eventually reached adulthood. However, neither Badger or Hercule have gone roving yet. He and his siblings are still in the Van Helsing today. In October 2013 Badger went roving. In December 2013 Badger was considered Last Seen. 


Billy Whiskers

Titan Van Helsing