Baby Bear(VSQF002) was born on September 16, 2008 in the Sequoia Mob. Her mother Benzedrine and her father was most likely one of the two Toyota males. She was born with one brother VSQM001 and one sister VSQF003. Soon the two Toyota males left the group and returned to the Toyota leaving just Benzedrine, a Whiskers female named Finn, Baby Bear and her litter. In December Finn gave birth to a litter of six pups. The following month, four rovers joined the Sequoia with Bruce taking dominance beside Benzedrine. Then the group split, Baby Bear stayed in the Sequoia while her two litter-mates left with Finn, two of her pups and one of the males. Then the last two adult males left the group leaving Benzedrine, Bruce, Baby Bear and four of the pups. Baby Bear was the oldest subodrinante female in the group at the time. In August 2009 Baby Bear died a month before her first birthday. Her siblings were found in the Pretenders, her sister became the dominant female but died while her brother disappeared.


Sequoia Mob

Benzedrine Commandos

Finn Whiskers

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