Ayarbee resting in shade

Ayarbee resting in the shade

Ayarbee was born into the Moomins Mob. His mother was Grumpy and his father was Burgan the dominant coulpe of the Moomins. His sibings mgith ahve been Regopstaan (VMMF020), Mungo 3000 (VMMM021), Mapla Hamadryas (VMMM022) and Dzidzia (VMMF023). Ayarbee ID Code was (VMMM019). He lived in the Moomins till adulthood. On January 1,2007 his father Burgan died at the age of seven probably of old age. His older brother Toft took male dominance. In September 2007, the group splits and the larger of the two dissapeare. Ayarbee most likey went with them. It is unknown what happen to him. The smaller of the group only comtain six female, His mother Grumpy(VLF055), his cousin Little My (VMMF006), his sisters Hemulen (VMMF010), Misable (VMMF017), Regopstaan (VMMF020), and Frida (VMMF024). They were joined by four wild males. In April his older sister Hemulen took dominance from their mother Grumy. She died in June 2009 his mother Grumpy died of disease.In July 2009 Hemulen evicted his sisters Regopastaan, Misable and Frida from the Moomins and they disapeare most likely joined wild males. In March of 2010, Hemulen died, leaving his niences as the most likely successors of Hemulen.


Mother: Grumpy

Father: Burgan

Sister: Regopstaan and Dzidzia

Brothers: Mungo 3000 and Mapla Hamadryas

Neices: Sexi Plexi, Bubble Toes, Elian and Lydia Teapot

Nephews: McGirkey, Beezelle, Grubby and Whitson


Moomins Mob

Hemulen Moomins

Frida Moomins

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