Athos(VWM015) was born in a litter of ofur pups in the famous Whiskers Mob on October 3, 1999. His parents were the first dominant couple of the Whiskers, Holly and Argon. His litter-mates were Aramis(VWF016), VWP017 and Porthos(VWM018). The Whiskers were still a small group at the time and had few group members to help raise the pups. Due to this, VWP017 was killed at a young age before being named. Holly gave birth again in December 1999 to four pups. Athos was still to young to help care for the pups, however he was old enough to start caring for himself. When Athos was just a year and old, his mother Holly was predated in Septemner 2000. Athos's half sister Risca became the new dominant female and Argon and his brother later left the group, however Argon returned but soon died. The oldest of the males named Beetle, the last of the founding males, took over as the dominant male of the Whiskers. Like all adult males, Athos soon started to rove with his brothers and cousins. Athos stayed in the Whiskers untill mid 2001 when he and all th adult males had taken to roving. In their absence, a large of group of eleven Vivian males joined the Whiskers, and did not allow Athos and his brothers and cousin to rejoined the Whiskers.


Athos was in the commony of Beetle the former dominant male of the Whiskers, his brother Porthos, cousin Lancelot, and brothers Dennis Wise, Tama, Rangi, Orgali, Thumper, and Hazel. Risca had evicted two Whisker females, one being Aramis. The Whisker boys met up with the two Whisker females and established the Hobgoblin Mob. Beetle took dominance along with the older of the two Whisker females named Zola. The males stayed with the females for a short while, however with no unrelated females in the group, the males started to rove. By September all the Whisker males had taken to roving and left the group for good. Athos was Last Seen on September 1, 2001.


Whiskers Mob

Hobgoblin Mob

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