Athena Frisky


Date of Birth
August 18, 2008
Date of Death
March 2012
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
A Frisky Female rover
Also Known As
Bootle's daughter

Athena(VFF144) was born on August 18, 2008 in the Frisky Mob. Her mother was Bootle and and her father was Gazebo, who were the dominant couple at the time. Athena had three litter-mates. Her litter-mates were two brothers named Phoenix(VFM145) and Zoltan(VFM146) and one sister named Savannah(VFF147). The Frisky were a good size group with man adults members so the pups survived their first few months. On November 4, 2008 Bootle gave birth to Kuna Yala, VFF149, Tepezcuintle and Pachamanca. This ment that Athena and her litter-mates were no longer the pups of the Frisky and were no longer the main focus of the group. The spoiled days of puphood were now over, however Athena was old enough to fend for herself. Sably in April 2009 Savannah was predated. However Athena and her two brothers survived to adulthood. Athena was now old enough to help out with babisting and she became one of the main babysitters. Bootle and Gazebo were the dominant pair till in 2010 when Boolte died in Febaury 2010. Her older sisters Quaver and Crochet were the oldest females in the group but it was Quaver who took over as the new dominant female after Bootle. Athena, Zoltan and Phoenix were now two years old by then and were the main babysitters and senry guards. Her brothers started to rove more often with Bramley and their father Gazebo. Phoenix sadly died in November 2010. Athena was reported to have gone roving in December 2010, making her one of the few female rovers ever reported. In mid 2011, all the eldest females had been evicted or dies of disease, however Athena managed to survived it all, making her the oldest subordinate female under Quaver. In June 2011, azebo went roving along with Zalton and the oldest remaining males and left the group. In the absence of natal males, a colision of Dire Doring males, lead by Athena's cousin, Falco joined the group. In December, Athena became pregnant along with Quaver. Athena was soon evicted and aborted the listter. Athena was evicted by Quaver the next time she was pregnant. Athena was not seen at the group for two months and was considered Last Seen.


Mother: Bootle

Father: Gazebo

Sister: Savannah

Brothers: Zoltan and Phoenix

Gandmothers: Frascati and Mabili

Gandfathers: Pippin and Mad Max


Frisky Mob

Savannah Frisky

Zoltan Frisky

Phoenix Frisky

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