Silks, Asphodel and VVM002 (1995, by Pete Brotherton)

Silks, Asphodel (middle) and Captain Joans

Asphodel(VVF003) was born in the Vivian Mob on November 5, 1995. Her mother was Vivian and her father was a Drie Doring male VDM008. Her litter-mates were Silks(VVM001), Captain Joans(VVM002) and VVU9501. They were the first litter ever born in the Vivian. The males Vivian was with initially abandoned her, so she mostly raised them by herself. Eventually one of the Drie Doring males VDM008 returned and remained with her. VVU9501 was predated but Asphodel and her brothers survived to adulthood. At a year of age Asphodel started to help her mother care for her new pups. The Vivain had a hard time keeping litters and establishing a territory Asphodel gave birth to gave birth to FrothGleamRiver and Swirl on March 9, 1997. Her mother Vivian was also pregnant and gave birth to five pups on March 2. Mother and dather managed to keep their litters alive and bring them through. Sadly Asphodel's father died in May of that year leaving the group without a dominant male. Not long after a Young Ones rover named Stinker joined the group and became the dominant male. Asphodel remained in the group for another year until she was evicted along with two other females in 1998. 


The females formed the Rascals with some wild males. At first Asphodel took dominance but later Splash took over as dominant female. It is unknown how long Asphodel held dominance, or if she was ousted or simple died allowing Splash to seize dominance. Asphodel died on October 1, 1999.


Vivian Mob

Rascals Mob

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