Apple (VFF131)


(VFF131) was born on February 28, 2006 in the Frisky Mob. Her mother was Frascati. Her mother Frascati was the dominant female at that time. Her father was a wild unknown male. Frascati became dominant in 2004 after her mother Jubulani died. Frascati took over dominnce along with a wild male. Frascati died in 2007. Bootle took over dominance in 2007 within April. A Drie Doring male named Gazebo joined the group and became dominant male. Clinton Baptiste and Fable left Frisky group and joined the Rascals. Bootle gave birth to 4 pups. Her next litter came after she killed Bunty's litter and gave birth to another litter of 4 pups. Two of the pups from her previous litter of 4 died. In October 2008 Apple, Bunty and Hazel left the group or were evicted by Bootle. They did not team up with wild males though so most probably left the study area, and maybe joined another group outside the suty site.


Frisky Mob

Frascati Frisky

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