Aphrodite (VWF009) was born into the Whiskers Mob on November 26, 1998. Her mother was Piglet (VYF011) and her litter mates were Lancelot (VWM007), Jean-Luc (VWM008), and Artemis (VWF010). Piglet was evicted in Setember of 1999 with her sister Brambles (VYF007) and her neices Rafiki (VWF002), Risca (VWF004) and Mufassa (VWF005) all females but Risca disapeared the other females probably teamed up with wild males. Jean Luc disperses on January 15 2000also on January 15, 2000 Artemis gives birth but her litter is killed by Aphrodite. Aphrodite gives birth on February 17, 2000 but her litter is killed by Holly who gives birth on March 15, 2000. On September 19, 2000 Hollys remains were found and Risca became the new dominant female. Nine days later Artemis gave birth to two pups Misfit (VWM030), and Ugly Pup (VWF031). After an IGI with Youngones Misfit mistakes Youngones for his family but the Youngones allow him to join. Artemis gives birth to her second litter on January 19, 2001. Her litter consists of Rydapunani (VWF034), Dangerous Dave (VWM035), and Mi Julie(VWF036). In May 2001 Risca evicts Artemis and Aphrodite soon after Zola and Aramis are also evicted and join Aphrodite and Artemis and are courted by two rovers Tony a  Lazuli rover and a Balrog rover named Pangolin. Aphrodite and Artemis are later seen with wild males. In June 2001 when Vivan males took over Whiskers Lancelot and the other natal males arent able to rejoin and stay with evicted females Zola and Aramis and form the Hobgoblin group. Beetle and Zola become dominant pair however two months later all males leave and the  females join with Balrog and wild males however they dont stay for long the females raise their first litter without male helpers but the splinter is eventually lost. Lancelot is last seen on September 1, 2001. In Meerkat Manor Aphrodite was seen babysitting Flower as a pup

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