Amelie (VGGF027) was born on July 4, 2005 into the Gattaca Mob. Her mother was not Risca, but her daughter
Gringo and Amelie
Gringo. Her only known litter-mates were her sister Olly (VGGF024) and brothers Hugo (VGGM025) and Flint (VGGM026). Her mother and some of the older females were evicted or died. Amelie soon bemace one fo the oldest females in the group. Then a group of Vivian females joined the Gattaca. Risca started to evicted the oldest females too keep her place as dominant female. Amelie was evicted and disappeared with other Gattaca females around the time Hannibal disappeared. Her brothers Hugo and Flint went roving and disappeared on September 6, 2006. Olly Disapeared on March 13, 2007. Amelie was Last Seen on April 15, 2007.


Mother: Gringo

Father: Unknown male

Sister: Olly

Brothers: Hugo and Flint

Grandmothers: Risca and Vivian

Grandfathers: Mojadji and Stinker

Uncle: Pancho


Gattaca Mob

Gringo Gattaca

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