Amarula Baobab


Yes of the Baobab
Date of Birth
January 27, 2011
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cagliostro, Gump and Unknown Rovers
VBBP091, VBBP092, VBBP093, VBBP094, VBBP095, VBBP096, VBBP097 and VBBP098.
Known For
Third dominant female of Baobab
Also Known As
Cruise's Daughter

Amarula(VBBF069) was born in January 27, 2011 into the Baobab Mob. Her mother was Cruise and her father was most likely Al Capone. Amarula was born into a large litter of seven pups, she was the only female in the litter. Her siblings were Hear No Evil(VBBM066), See No Evil(VBBM067), Speak No Evil(VBBM068), Gizmo(VBBM070), Skat Kat(VBBM071) and Beetlejuice(VBBM072). In November 2011, Amarula was evicted from the group even though she was only ten months old, but she eventually rejoined the mob. By this time, her whole litter had reached maturity. In January 2013, Amarula went roving and mated with an unknown male. However, she did not get pregnant. In August 2013 Amarula was pregnant along with Cruise and a female named Zogg. The following month Amarula and Cruise lost their litters, but Zogg successfully gave birth to three pups. That same month Cruise was sadly predated. Amarula became the new dominant female of the group. By November 2013 Amarula was pregnant again. Zogg and another female named Matilda were also pregnant. To avoid losing her pups again, Amarula evicted both of the pregnant females. They were both allowed to return to the group the next month. Matilda had aborted but Zogg was still pregnant, putting Amarula's unborn litter at risk. In spite of the threat, in December 2013 Amarula gave birth to her very first surviving litter of pups; VBB?091, VBB?092, VBB?093 and VBB?094. Zogg did not kill the pups, but ended up aborting her own litter. That same month Amarula's older brother Mr Lahey overthrew their father Al Capone and became the dominant male. A few days after giving birth Amarula mated with a Lazuli rover named Cagliostro. A month later Amarula was pregnant again, suggesting the encounter with Cagliostro had been a success. In March 2014 Amarula gave birth to her second litter which included VBBM095, VBBM096, VBB?097 and VBB?098. In June 2014, Amarula was seen mating with the Überkatz dominant male, Gump, who was of Whiskers origins. She was confirmed pregnant sometime during the following month. She gave birth to her third litter in August 2014. It consisted of VBB?102, VBB?103 and VBB?104. In October 2014 three natal males, including Mr. Lahy left the group to join the Youma Mob. This left the Baobab without a dominant male, making them a target for rovers. Throughout October and November Amurula, Zogg and Matilda all became pregnant. Amurula evicted Matilda and Zogg in order to protect her unborn litter. They left to form the Teabags Mob along with a subadult male, VBBM100. Amarula gave birth to her fourth litter in December 2014. It consisted of VBBP105, VBBP106, VBBP107 and VBBP108. Amurula's younger brother, Butch assumed the dominant male position in February 2015. The next month, Amurula gave birth to a mixed litter with Zogg's daughter, Lekshimi, that consisted of VBBP109, VBBP110, VBBP111, VBBP112 and VBBP113. In May 2015, Butch left the group along with some younger males to join Drie Doring, leaving the Baobab without a dominant male once again. Amurula fell pregnant again in July 2015. During the same month, her son, Bandy Borehole took over as the group's dominant male. Amurula gave birth to VBBP114, VBBP115, VBBP116 and VBBP117 in August 2015. The following month, Bandy Borehole left the group, leaving the dominant male position vacant once again. Zogg's son, Bubba soon took over the role. Amurula fell pregnant again in October 2015. Amarula is still alive and living in the Baobab today as their dominant female.


First litter born in December 2013, fathered by an unknown male.

Bandy Borehole (VBBM091), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Beans (VBBM092), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Bernard (VBBF093), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Bedonde (VBBM094), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Second litter born in March 2014, believed to be fathered by Cagliostro

Goldeneye (VBBP095), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Yippie Ki Yay (VBBM096), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Sharknado (VBBP097), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Black Briar (VBBP098), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Third litter born in September 2014, possibly fathered by Gump

Bumblebee Tuna (VBBM102), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Frankly Brown Bear (VBBM103), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Logi (VBBF104), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Fourth litter born in December 2014, fathered by an unknown male.

Herbert (VBBP105), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Caddid (VBBP106), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Flossie (VBBP107), Still Alive, living in Baobab.

Whitten (VBBF108), Last Seen in January 2015


Baobab Mob

Cruise Whiskers

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