Ally Pally(VFM178) was born on Janaury 30, 2011 in the Frisky Mob. His mother was the dominant female Quaver and his father was an unknown rover, possibly Finn MacCool who was seen visiting the Frisky three months before Ally Pally was born. Quaver gave birth to a large litter of five pups, Ally Pally's litter-mates were his three sisters named Franny The Pooh(VFF175),  Franny Pooh(VFF177) and Penelope(VFF179) and a brother named Jeso(VFM176). The Frisky at the time were a good size month but Quaver had evicted from of the adult females, the main babysitters, from the group. The large litter replaced thenumbers lost but the Frisky had been suffering from disease for some time. The pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. In March Frany Pooh was predated while three of the adult males died from disease. Two more meerkats were lost and then in May Franny The Pooh was assumed predated after she disappeared. Things were looking bad for the Frisky till a group of Drie Doring males join the Frisky in July 2011. However shortly after this Ally Pally disappeared in September 2011, possibly following the roving males, he could not rove himself being only nine months old. He did not return in October and was considered Last Seen in September 2011.


Frisky Mob

Quaver Frisky

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