Alina Lazuli(VLF078)


was born on September 9, 2002 was born to in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Cazanna and her father was Basil, the dominant pair of the Lazuli at the time. She was born in a litter of four, her three litter-mates were Osprey(VLM076), Nibelung(VL?07?) and Pacjo(VL?07?). Alina made it through her first year and started to help out more around the mob at a year of age. Her brother Osprey started to take to roving and eventually left he Lazuli to join the Drie Doring, where he became the dominant male for a number of years. Alina's last two litter-mate either disapeared or died. She lived the life of a subordinate female in the group under her mother and most probably helped to rear Cazanna's pups. However, Alina mated with two Moomis males Sniff and Stinky in early 2005 and became pregnant. Alina gave birth to her litter consisting of two female pups named Young and HP and two unknown gender pups who sadly died. Cazanna didn't have any pups of her own at the time and so she allowed Alina to keep her litter. Sadly in July 2005, Alina lost her father to disease and her younger brother JD took up dominance beside thier mother. Alina soon became one of the oldest females in the group and became of this and the fact that she had a litter of pups, Cazanna started to evict her more and more. In late 2005, Alina was evicted along with her two younger sisters Pancake and Penny. The females diappeared and were Last Seen. Alina never saw her two you make to it adulthood, however her daughter Young later became the dominant female of the Lazuli.


Lazuli Mob

Young Lazuli

Cazanna Lazuli

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