Janaury 2014: Harrison and Captain Danger Awesome were seen with six other wild adults; and four pups. Pregnancies, roving, evictions, encounters, absences and dominance were unknown.

February 2014: Habituation progress is very slow. No events.

March 2014: Harrison became the dominant male. One wild female was pregnant. Harrison went roving and was absent at the end of the month.

April 2014: Unknown dominants. One wild female gave birth to an unknown number of pups. Captain Danger Awesome died. Unknown rovers, evictions, absences and group encounters.

May 2014: One wild female gave birth to an unknown number of pups.

June 2014: Harrison went roving twice and was absent.

July 2014: Harrison was absent.

August 2014: Harrison went roving and was absent.

September 2014: Harrison was absent.

October 2014: Harrison was absent. Alcatraz was temporarily suspended. 

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