Aduil and a Pup in 2010

Aduil(VVHF012) was born on August 16, 2008 in Van Helsing Mob. Her mother was Flo and her father was Titan. She was born with two siblings VVHP013 and VVHP014 but sadly both were predated in the following months, leaving Aduil as the sole survivor. Aduil survived to adulthood. She became one of the most frequent babysitters in the mob and was often seen caring for the pups. Her mother was Last Seen forming a wild meerkat mob in late 2009 after being evicted by the dominant female. Eventually, Adhuil's older cousin's also disappeared, eventually Adhuil became the oldest subordinate in the group. Her two younger sisters Emma and Dominique left the group, followed by her brothers Pepper, Cecil and Jizzle who formed the Pandora Mob, making Aduil the last child of Flo still in the Van Helsing. In December, 2011, Adhuil was evicted by Billy for being pregnant and was absent at the end of the month. Adhuil aborted her litter and managed to return to the group. In May 2012 Adhuil was evicted again and Last Seen.


Mother: Flo

Father: Titan

Silbings: VVHP013 and VVHP014


Van Helsing Mob

Flo Whiskers

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