Maybelline Whiskers

Monkulus as Maybelline


The Whiskers mob were played by Whiskers

Rocket Dog was played by Rocket Dog

Zaphod was played by Zaphod

Maybelline was played by Monkulus

Mitch was played by Mitch

Axel in A New Day


Sophie was played by Tina Sparkle

McMurphy was played by Maladoy

Jogu was played by Jogu

Axel was played by Axel

Pookie was played by an unkown meerkat

Wet jogu


Cruise was played by Cruise

Lyric played by Ju Drop or Miss Lily The Pink

Daisy is only mentioned in this episode

The Zappa

The Zappa were played by Young Ones

Houdini was played by Dougal

Punk was played by Punk

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