A Meerkat Family Reunion 
is a Meerkat Manor song by Laura Sams. It was released in 2008 alongside the fourth season of the TV show. It was available for free download on the official Meerkat Manor website and a music video for it was uploaded onto YouTube by Animal Planet.


When I was a girl I dreamed of being invited to a meerkat family reuinion.

Where we'd sit, or stand, or sit, or stand again.

Dig, eat grubs or bugs and stand again

Reminisce about the time when we all had to run to avoid being killed by our neighbours.

And we'd sit, or stand, or sit, or stand again.

Look for hawks or my half-sister who stole my man,

Who I think is now covered in fleas anyway so I'm not really bothered.

There was a time I didn't know if my uncle was also my father.

And a time my cousin overthrew my dominant mother

Then of course we moved 37 times in one calender year

But at least we were together: a family of meerkats!

Who would sit, or stand, or sit, or stand again.

Look to the right, to the left, then right again.

We'd stand in a union, a family reunion

Yes we'd stand, we'd stand, we'd stand, together again!

(Or we could sit, if anybody wanted to do that too...)


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