(Like a) Hurrican(VFF183) was born in the Frisky on September 27, 2011.. Her mother was Up-Carrot, a subordinate female, and her father was an unknown rover, possibly one of the Drie Doring males who had joined the group a few months eariler. (Like a) Hurrican was born in a litter of four, her litter-mates consisited of her two sisters Cortaz(VFF180), Cinnamon Girl(VFF181) and one brother named Mr. Soul(VFM182). Since the pups were born to a subordinate female, the litter could have been abondon or killed by the dominant female, however Quaver had just lost her own litter so she allowed the pups to live. The pups survived their first four weeks and started foraging with the adults. In November, however (Like a) Hurrican and her two sisters Cortaz and Cinnamon Girl were predated with Mr. Soul being predated in December.


Frisky Mob

Up-Carrot Frisky

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