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Tina Sequoia

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Tina Sequoia
Yes of the Überkatz

Tina(VSQF012) was born in the Sequoia Mob in-between September18-20, 2009. Her parents were the dominant pair Benzedrine and Bruce. Tina's litter-mates were one sister named Ricou(VSQF011) and two brothers named Yabou(VSQM014) and Candy Flip(VSQM013). The litter survived to adulthood. Tina was one of the oldest females in the Sequoia. She mated with rovers but never produced a surviving litter. In early 2012 the Sequoia splinter leaving the Sequoia with only 6 members while Tina, her father Bruce and the rest of the Sequoia were absent. The splinter group never rejoin the main mob even with several violent encounters with them. The splinter group became known as the Überkatz. Tina established dominance over the group but soon most of the adult males left to rejoin the Sequoia. Three Whisker meerkats joined the group, Gump took dominance beside Tina. Tina is still alive as the dominant female of the Überkatz.

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